#YouTubeWakeUp #PedoTube #GroomTube

We have been committed to exposing the infestation of Child Sexual Exploitation and Online enticement of children on the YouTube platform over a year ago. Suddenly #YouTubeWakeUp went gone viral, creating a global scandal that has the e-celeb and You-tuber Community in hysterics. YouTube remains conspicuously silent on the matter.


Now is the time we reaffirm our commitment to addressing this issue and highlighting others who are doing the same. For our current featured content/video, we present the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation’s (NCOSE) video with a message most welcome in this time of hysteria & misinformation.
Haley Halverson is the VP of Advocacy at NCOSE and presents an analysis succinctly a on the topic that matters the most, yet is currently being discussed the least: Child Online Safety and YouTube’s failure to address the risks to it plaguing their platform.

Please also make sure to check out NCOSE’s site to see all the initiatives they are undertaking. Sign the petition, read their press statements and demand that: “YouTube needs to take a more proactive approach to fight child exploitation and pornography on its platform instead of continuing to use outdated systems relying on user reporting and human reviews.”

Exposing Exploitation
To Investigate, Expose and Educate

Exposing Exploitation seeks to empower individuals with the skills to investigate serious crimes occurring all over the internet, with this information we seek to expose evil, we will work along side law enforcement to seek justice for victims. Most importantly we will spread awareness, educating anyone willing to listen in how to protect their loved ones. We pride ourselves on being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Some of our methods to achieve this goal consists of:

  • Working with groups such as Academy Awareness to extend a helpful hand in teaching skills to investigate crimes as a private citizen.
  • Teaching how to properly investigate crimes to obtain evidence beyond a reasonable doubt for reporting to Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.
  • To Expose Criminals and their methods via any form of media for public consumption
  • To Educate the public in better methods to mitigate dangers to themselves or their loved ones.
  • To provide insight and security measures on exploitation online.